Saturday, January 26, 2013

Blue White Grill, Martinsburg, WV

We love this place. Love the food, prices, and staff. Breakfast is great and served all day. Yummy homemade soups and desserts. Pies and the elusive Napoleons. We wish they made them more often. Good burgers! I like the original cheeseburger because the patty is thin and it's covered in thin grilled onions. Loved my garden vegetable omelet because the veggies were cooked and not raw. The food is good and they get it right.  Fun retro music too! Love this diner! D&C

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The City Bakery, NYC that hot chocolate with the homemade marshmallow. WOW! Holy chocolate bisque Batman! it was so thick and rich. It even came in a little bowl versus a mug. Anyway, I loved it the first several sips...nom and all that, but after that, it became a bit overwhelming. I was thankful I ordered the pretzel croissant to get the salty sweet mix. I even dipped it in the chocolate sauce, because who are we kidding here? It's not your standard hot chocolate. It's thicker than that. Hubs got a date pastry. It was just ok. I wasn't big on his chocolate chip cookie either. It tasted like it didn't have any salt in it??? I heard a man next to me say he was eating the best peanut butter cookie he'd ever had and that had me intrigued. Alas, I was too full to go there. I would definitely go back for the sweet and salty combo of the hot chocolate and pretzel croissant though! I'd probably try that peanut butter cookie too. D&C

Num Pang, NYC

Our first experience with bahn mi and we must say it probably ruined us for all other places. YUM! So fresh and flavorful! I got the pulled pork, grilled corn, and a blood orange lemonade. It all just went together so well like it was just meant to be. The drink is tart, but trust me it's fresh and is a great companion for the sandwich. I want to branch out and try the other sandwiches like the brisket, but the pulled pork is going to be hard to beat. This place makes us want to drive to NYC every weekend! Prior to Num Pang, the cuban at Cafe Habana was my favorite sandwich. Step aside cuban, there is a new sheriff in town! Num Pang knocks it out of the park. It should be called Yum Pang.  D&C

Friday, June 29, 2012

Mug and Mallet, Ocean City, MD

We had a hankerin for crabs and got some here.  They were kinda small and I was seriously bummed that they were out of corn on the cob, but cracking crabs is always fun.  Even when you do it til your fingers get all pruney.  Cracking crabs on the boardwalk in Ocean City.  Good times.  We also had shrimp.  They were just okay.  No where near the quaility that we had at On The Bay Seafood the night before.  Wish I had taken pics of them.  Next time!  D&C

Carlson's Donuts and Thai Kitchen, Annapolis, MD

Thai is by far my favorite cuisine.  I just love the sweet heat in Thai food.  Drunken noodles with shrimp is our favorite dish.  Drunken noodles with shrimp replaced chicken pad thai which remains a close second for me.  Clem likes thai also, just not as much as Indian food.  But he loves nothing quite as much as he loves donuts.  So you can imagine the awe that overcame him to discover there was a restaurant in which he could get drunken noodles AND donuts!  Unfortunately for Clem, the donuts were long gone this day.  That's his "they are out of donuts" sad face.  Ha.  Oh well, he had to settle for summer rolls and drunken noodles with shrimp.  The food was very good here, but really spicy.  So spicy I couldn't clean my plate which is unusual for me and my history with drunken noodles.  D&C

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Buz and Ned's Real Barbecue, Richmond, VA

This post is long overdue.  We stopped at Buz and Ned's and met a dear friend of mine, Jen.  That's the cutie there in the pic with me.  I don't get to see Jen often so this was a treat.  Jen recommended Buz and Ned's to us and we are so glad she did.  I really liked my pulled pork sandwich and sides and everyone was happy with their choices.  Evidently there was a Food Network Bobby Flay Throwdown there over the ribs because I remember seeing the pictures from it on the walls.  Therefore, I would like to now try the ribs.  I think Buz and Ned's beat Bobby in the Throwdown.  Check out their BBQ blog for info and recipes!  I like it when restaurants share recipes.  Thanks Jen for telling us about Buz and Ned's! D&C

Friday, April 13, 2012

Di Fara Pizza, Brooklyn, NY

I know we have posted on this before, but it is our holy grail pizza. This is easily pilgrimage pizza. There were people in there from Minnesota just for the pizza. I truly love to watch Dom DeMarco make the pies. I like to stand at the counter and just watch him work. A true artisan. He makes each one himself for 11 hours a day. He works nonstop creating each pie and has flour all over his shoes. His daughter was working at his side and even dealt with a heckler at the window with ease. Seriously, a pizza heckler? That's him in the pic under her arm at the window. Anyway, to me there are two main types of pizza in NYC. First you have the type with the big bubbly crust, the fresh mozzarella, and basil...I guess it's the margherita pizza type. Second, would be what I call NY style pizza with the thin crust and tangy sauce which is duplicated mostly in every little town and city. Then you have Di Fara which to me is in a league all of its own and leaves them all behind. It is gooey, cheesy, tangy sauce with random chunks of tomato, the basil is fresh and yet not overpowering somehow. Quality ingredients, three types of cheese. I love how he drizzles olive oil before he puts it in the oven. We seriously love this place. Our favorite pizza. The pizza dreams are made of. The pizza that is "last meal" worthy. We want to move closer to this pizza. Pack up and live on Avenue J in Brooklyn. It's that good. D&C